Amenities at Elim Rehab and Care Center

Skilled nursing services for residents needing both short-term and long-term specialized nursing care.

Skilled Nursing

Short-term senior rehab therapies, including physical, occupational and speech. Our experienced, professional rehab team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure the maximum recovery of skills.

Rehab Therapy

Memory care for those faced with short or long-term memory loss.

Memory Care

Assisted living apartments next door in Pioneer House Assisted Living, featuring 48 cozy apartments.

Assisted Living

On-site Children’s Center, catering to young children from 2 years through pre-kindergarten, with a summer school age program. The inter-generational benefits are enjoyed by seniors and children.

Child Care

Massage Therapy

As a benefit to our residents, Elim offers all medically appropriate seniors the opportunity for free massages. It not only promotes better overall health, but assists many in pain management, better sleep habits and reduced anxiety.

Spiritual Care

As a faith-based ministry, Elim recognizes the importance of an individual’s spiritual growth and care. With two chaplains on staff, assisted by many community resources, our seniors and their families, as well as the children, have the opportunity for excellent spiritual care and support. Often during difficult times, the chaplains bring added hope and comfort to the senior or the child and their families.

AlterG Treadmill

Learn more about the AlterG Treadmill! Click here to watch a brief informational video or click on the WDAY 6 news clip, below.

Click on the news clip (above) to view the anti-gravity treadmill featured on WDAY 6 news.