Elim Children’s Center

Elim Children’s Center (ECC) serves children age two through preschool in a caring early learning environment.  ECC offers a complete preschool program in addition to childcare for no additional fee.

Many children anticipate the day they will be “big enough” to go to elementary school. At Elim Children’s Center the preparations for that day are fostered by dedicated experienced teachers in our early learning environment.

Our complete preschool program assures parents that their child will be ready for kindergarten. Preparation for kindergarten happens through Innovations, a curriculum for early childhood which is used in each of the three classrooms.

In addition to the early childhood curriculum, each classroom at our children’s center spends time learning through Bible study and nutrition/healthy living education. Large motor experiences are available everyday whether it’s indoors in the large chapel area or outdoors in one of the two playground spaces.

Elim Children Center

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Preschool Program Focus on the Process of Learning


Because our program is designed to maximize individual development and promote developmentally appropriate practices, our activities focus on the process of learning. Therefore, the emphasis is on the experiences the children have rather than the results of those experiences.

Days are filled with both planned and spontaneous moments of learning. There is time for active play, imaginative games, independent discoveries and group activities.

If you are interested in learning more about our children’s center preschool and/or childcare program you can contact Laura at or [email protected].