Pilot Project at Elim Fargo

Elim Care is piloting a new method of charting care for residents. Paperwork is a fact of life in any organization, but perhaps even more critical in healthcare. Within the long-term care industry, charting care provided to a resident verifies the tasks completed and often determines the level of reimbursement for the services. Because accurate charting is so critical to all aspects of healthcare, making it easier to chart is essential.

A few years ago, charting was done on paper, manually, and Elim was one of the first in the area to go to electronic records, using kiosks on the wall. Although it was a good first step, current technology provides more effective options, according to Jeffrey Wipf, vice president of IT at Elim. “The kiosks have an institutional look, and the staff’s immediate access to the chart is limited,” he explained.

Over the next six months, Elim will be piloting two new methods to see what option might improve charting into their electronic health records system.

  • Installing an iPad in a resident’s room, so a staff member can chart after they finish helping the resident. Once the care partner leaves the room, they would also be done charting that service or care.
  • Providing hand-held devices the care partner carries with them. Each care partner will be assigned an iPad or iPad mini, and tuck them into a pocket. As care is provided, the staff member can chart.

Wipf said, “Our goal is to give staff members the right tools, that will help them capture more information about the care provided.”

“Elim Care in Fargo is a great pilot site,” he said, “since they have the right staff that is eager to innovate. They’ve also gathered baseline data so we’ll be able to track each month to see pilot results.”

“We are honored to be a test site for this new technology,” enthused Renee Muhonen, campus administrator.  She noted that providing quality care to each resident is vitally important, and the new technology will validate that the care was provided. The pilot will determine if the technology enhances charting while making the charting tasks easier for staff.

The pilot project will begin in early February in two areas within Elim: Fifth Avenue and Third Street.

For more information, please contact:
Renee Muhonen, Campus Administrator
701-271-1806 or [email protected]